The Dark Stranger

The man in black was back. This was the sixth time in the last six months that I saw him speaking to John in our front yard. As with every time, the stranger had his back to me. I was too far away and the light too low for me to try to read John’s … Continue reading The Dark Stranger


The Dearly Departed

Wakes can be such a depressing affair, especially on such a lovely day. I had my back to the relatives of the deceased, milling about with barely concealed greed. They Never gave a damn about her when she was alive, but wasted little time in descending upon her still-warm body like a flock of carrion … Continue reading The Dearly Departed

Small Beginnings

Look at her, so peaceful in her sleep, so blissfully unaware of her impending doom, Albert thought, she is a rather beautiful woman, isn’t she? Take in that flawless skin, those powder blue eyes, that long, slender, straight nose and those perfect teeth. Bask in her dazzling smile, and the inert dignity. Her beauty, if anything, is enhanced in repose.